Ms. Sunnyside 307/9 x Mr. V8 733/7 (P) Embryos

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*A 90-day pregnancy guarantee is given only on the purchase of three (3) or more embryos, implanted by a certified technician.


Dam: Ms. Sunnyside 307/9
Sire: Mr. V8 733/7 (P) "Polled Phenom"

Ms. Sunnyside 307/9 was one of the first cows we purchased when we re-entered the registered Brahman business back in 2011. She is part of the herd that started it all for us here at England Cattle Co! A success from the start, her first heifer calf was ECC Sherri K Crickett 302 who went on to become a donor for us, and the #____ Polled Brahman cow in the USA. We have retained two daughters and several granddaughters from the 307/9 cow family and all have proven to be great, POLLED additions to our herd. At 14 years old, 307/9 is still in production today with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. She has produced us a natural calf every year and has maintained a perfect udder with four strong quarters and small teats. Talk about longevity and fertility!

The sire to this embryo package is the popular Polled sire from La Muneca Cattle Co., Polled Phenom. A flushmate to B.R. Cutrer's Noble bull, he is a +JDH Mr. Elmo Manso 309/4 son crossed with the 2010 National Champion female, Miss V8 100/7 (P). His genetics are proven and some of the most widely used in the Brahman breed, today!

If you are looking for a proven cross that packs fertility and marketability, this embryo package is for you!

Embryos are stored at England Cattle Co. and must be collected within 60 days from the date of sale.

All embryo sales are for Buyer's in-herd use, only. Embryo sales are non-refundable and non-transferable. If three (3) embryos are purchased, one 90-day pregnancy is guaranteed, if implanted by a certified technician. If purchasing one (1) or two (2) embryos, no guarantees are made. Upon calving, England Cattle Co. (ECC) will provide Buyer with a breeding certificate. Embryo certificates are non-transferable and will only be released to Buyer's ABBA No. or an immediate family member.

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