ECC Polled Fancy 114/8 Embryos

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The first thing that strikes you about Fancy is her superior phenotype that is huge bodied, long, level, super feminine, beefy, heavy structured, and most importantly, one of the best udders we have ever seen! Once you study Fancy, it is realized that she is a half sibling to two of our hottest herd sires. The sire to Fancy is Bardia Ambassador (P) who also sired ECC Polled Maverick 302/9 (P), one of the most exciting sires in the breed! In addition, she is a half-sister to the Australian Beef Week Champion Female which helped Bardia achieve the title of Australian Brahman Sire of the Year in 2017. Many of our show winners, top sellers and herd influencers are a result of his offspring.

The sire to this embryo package is ECC Polled Comandante 749 (S) who is best known for his consistency in producing big-boned, stout-muscled and incredibly eye-appealing progeny. In addition, his fertility scores are off the charts and he is our go-to herd sire for breeding heifers due to his low birthweight.

The two females featured in the reference photos are ECC Polled Midge 810/3 and ECC Polled P.J. 813/3, two full sisters to this embryo offering. A proven match!

Embryos are stored at England Cattle Co. and must be collected within 60 days from the date of sale.

All embryo sales are for Buyer's in-herd use, only. Embryo sales are non-refundable and non-transferable. If three (3) embryos are purchased, one 90-day pregnancy is guaranteed, if implanted by a certified technician. If purchasing one (1) or two (2) embryos, no guarantees are made. Upon calving, England Cattle Co. (ECC) will provide Buyer with a breeding certificate. Embryo certificates are non-transferable and will only be released to Buyer's ABBA No. or an immediate family member. 

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