ECC El Caporal 301

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ECC El Caporal 301
ABBA #: 919177

 LMC Polled Sambo 45/0
Dam: Ms Dex Madison 281/9 

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In 2019, Cap was recognized as one of the Top 15 most influential herd sires in the U.S., coming in at No. 12 among some of the biggest names in the breed. To date, Cap progeny can be found across the U.S. as well as in Australia, Africa and Mexico.

Consistently, Cap sons are our top sellers every year to bull buyers from Texas to Florida. We have retained a number of his POLLED daughters, and have sold some of his best who are now donors and foundation females for herds across the U.S.

We sold our first Cap semen to Australia in 2016. Since then, many Aussie breeders have integrated Cap into their breeding programs, and had great success with his POLLED progeny. In March 2020, a Cap son produced by Ragland Brahmans sold for $20,000 at the Big Country Brahman Sale.

He was the first POLLED Brahman bull in the world to sort for ULTRA-SEXED heifer semen and kept that title for years, up until 2020 when a son of his that we sold to our friends Lanna and Joe Hensgens sorted for the first time.

The best thing about Cap is his consistency. Over the years, we have used him on a number of different groups of cows, and he knocks it out of the park, every time. When crossed with our horned herd, 80% of his progeny come back POLLED or Polled-Scurred. That is a huge accomplishment in our book! He has helped us take some of the best horned genetics on our place and knock the horns off of them in one generation.

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